eureka reminiscences:eyewitness accounts (e-book)


Author: Dorothy Wickham & Clare Gervasoni

ISBN: 978-1-876478-46-9

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This book presents some of the vivid stories and tales of survivors of the Eureka Riot. Often they contradict the evidence that has been presented for years. Here Dorothy Wickham and Clare Gervasoni have sought out and presented tales as told by participants of the Eureka Affair. During the Eureka Jubilee Celebrations of 1904, the pioneers and survivors of the third of December, 1854, were asked to write to the newspapers revealing their own accounts of that day. These, and other accounts, have been collected from many different sources. They have been collated in this edition and make fascinating reading. The language is relevant to the times. The personality of the writers often percolates through the newspaper reports and not only do we have an insight into the evidence submitted, but also to the type of person that was engaged in the affair.For many years after the Eureka affair there was much debate about the commemoration of the event. Some thought that the monument should not be erected. Fifty years after, the Jubilee celebrations were held. These were attended by many of the survivors of the battle. Celebrations were not only held at Ballarat but also other places, including Perth and Broken Hill.Today controversy still rages about the facts concerning Eureka. One thing is certain; that the significance of the event is not disputed. These eye-witness accounts tell their own story. There is much other evidence to support or repudiate the claims.