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Directors Dr Dorothy Wickham, Clare Gervasoni and Wayne Phillipson established Ballarat Heritage Services, in February 1998, a boutique publishing house  using the imprint BHS Publishing.

Our team of experts now include professional historians, archivists, curators, family historians and educationalists. BHS offers an extensive range of heritage and education related services including consultancy, publishing, mentoring, training and assistance, and oral histories.

Ballarat Heritage Services
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The Silver Club

The Silver Club   Dorothy Wickham   Charles Cairns, a tailor, founded The Silver Club in 1921 and was also...
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Italian Speakers in Australasia

Italian Speakers in Australasia   Clare Gervasoni   Italian speaking pioneers arrived in Australia and New Zealand in large numbers...

Ballarat: A Genealogist’s Goldmine

Ballarat: A Genealogist's Goldmine   Dorothy Wickham Ballarat is an important town for many family historians If you have ancestry...