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Directors Dr Dorothy Wickham, Clare Gervasoni and Wayne Phillipson established Ballarat Heritage Services, in February 1998, a boutique publishing house  using the imprint BHS Publishing.

Our team of experts now include professional historians, archivists, curators, family historians and educationalists. BHS offers an extensive range of heritage and education related services including consultancy, publishing, mentoring, training and assistance, and oral histories.

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A W Steane with staff at School of Mines, Ballarat. Federation University Collection

Albert Whitelock Steane

Albert Whitelock Steane   Dorothy Wickham   Albert Whitelock Steane, Federation University Historical Collection Albert Steane...
Station on the Campaspe, 1854, Charles Lyall, SLV

Campaspe Common

Campaspe Common   Dorothy Wickham   The administration of crown lands including provision for their alienation and occupation and the...
S. T. Gill. Forest Creek, Mount Alexander 1852. [detail]. State Library of Victoria

The 1853 Bendigo Goldfields Petition

Dorothy Wickham   George Edward ThomsonState Library of Victoria On the first of August 1853 George...