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Directors Dr Dorothy Wickham, Clare Gervasoni and Wayne Phillipson established Ballarat Heritage Services, in February 1998, a boutique publishing house  using the imprint BHS Publishing.

Our team of experts now include professional historians, archivists, curators, family historians and educationalists. BHS offers an extensive range of heritage and education related services including consultancy, publishing, mentoring, training and assistance, and oral histories.

Dot & Clare EE 640


Eureka’s Fallen

Eureka’s Fallen   Dorothy Wickham   Controversy, innuendo, and emotion abound in the vast body of literature about the Eureka Affair. The scholarly literature on the Victorian gold rushes usually…

Goldfields Genealogy

Goldfields Genealogy   Dorothy Wickham   Sometimes gold miners on the Victorian goldfields during the early 1850s are difficult to trace. Early mining was alluvial. As soon as one gold…


Stick 'em Up!: The Heroics of William Charles Almeida   Dorothy Wickham   Around three in the afternoon two men from Squizzy Taylor's gang had tried to rob the only…

Miner’s Right

Miner's Rights   Dorothy Wickham The mists of time have tempered the harsh reality of life on the goldfields, and how the illusion of finding great nuggets of gold lured…
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