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Directors Dr Dorothy Wickham, Clare Gervasoni and Wayne Phillipson established Ballarat Heritage Services, in February 1998, a boutique publishing house  using the imprint BHS Publishing.

Our team of experts now include professional historians, archivists, curators, family historians and educationalists. BHS offers an extensive range of heritage and education related services including consultancy, publishing, mentoring, training and assistance, and oral histories.

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Pre Olympic Swimming Pools In Victoria

Pre-Olympic Swimming Pools

Pre-Olympic Swimming Pools Lisa Gervasoni   Introduction The popular image of Australia is dominated by sun and surf. Swimming is...
Villa Parma Ps 1024

Villa Parma, Gardens and Chestnuts

Villa Parma, Gardens and Chestnuts   Clare Gervasoni   The early Swiss and Italian settlers of the Hepburn Springs area...
Archery David Syme & Co 1895


Archery: Something to do with Bows and Arrows, Isn't it?   Dorothy Wickham   I have seen people playing with...