Our Ballarat heritage services authors

Dr Anne Beggs Sunter, Peter Butters, Associate Professor Fred Cahir, Professor Ian Clark, Dr Justin Corfield, Valda D'Angri, Dr Leigh Edmonds, Associate Professor Ann Gervasoni, Clare Gervasoni, Roy Huggins, Professor Alison Inglis, Marie Kau, Barbara Manly, Elaine Murphy, Dr Janice Newton, Dr David Nichols, Dr Val Noone, Wayne Phillipson, Professor Keir Reeves, Garry Snowden, Michael Taffe,  Dr Dorothy Wickham and Wendy Whitfield.

Associate Prof Fred Cahir, Prof Alison Inglis, Dr Anne Beggs Sunter (editors)

  • Scots Under the Southern Cross

Contributors: Jon Addison, Fred Cahir, Ian D. Clark, Nicola Cousen, Jason Gibson, Lizanne Henderson, Bronwyn Eleanor Hughes, Alison Inglis, Katherine Kovacic, Chris McConville, Alex Millmow, Sandi Mitchell, Malcolm David Prentis, Anne Beggs Sunter, Benjamin Wilkie, Douglas Wilkie

Professor Ian Clark

  • Place Names and Land Tenure: Windows into Aboriginal Landscapes
  • Goulburn River Aboriginal Protectorate
  • That’s My Country Belonging to Me

Dr Justin Corfield, Dr Dorothy Wickham, Clare Gervasoni

  • The Eureka Encyclopaedia

Val D’Angri, Clare Gervasoni, Dr Dorothy Wickham

  • The Eureka Flag

Dr Anne Doggett

  • See How They Ring: Handbell Ringers in Australasia

Dr Leigh Edmonds

  • Australia Takes Wing 1900-1939 (eBook)
  • Stability in Flight 1939-1973 (eBook)

Dr Ann Gervasoni

  • Extending Mathematical Understanding (EMU)
  • EMU Middle Years
  • EMU Trainer’s Manual
  • EMU Place Value

Professor Keir Reeves & Dr David Nicholls (editors)

  • Deeper Leads: New Approaches to Victorian Goldfields History

Contribitors: Alan Mayne, Lyndon Fraser, David Nichols, Dolly Mackinnon, Keir Reeves, Andrew Brown-May, Cate Elkner, Dorothy Wickham, Clare Gervasoni, Kevin Wong Hoy, Andrew Reeves, Jonathan Sweet, Jennifer Laing, Fiona Wheeler, Warwick Frost and Berry Weiler.

Michael Taffe

  • Growing a Garden City:Ballarat Horticultural Society
  • Exploring Ballarat’s Garden Heritage
  • Love One Another; Growing a Garden City

Garry Snowden

  • They Answered Their Country’s Call

Dr Dorothy Wickham

  • Victorian School Children 1863 (microfiche)
  • Creswick Hospital In-Patients’ Register 1863-1883 (microfiche)
  • Ballarat Rates 1856-1864 (microfiche)
  • Deaths at Eureka
  • St Alipius: The Early Years
  • In the Days When the World was Wide
  • Shot in the Dark: A Pre-Eureka Incident
  • A Researcher’s Guide to the Central Goldfields
  • Eureka Reminiscences
  • Silent City: History of Ballarat’s Cemeteries
  • The Eureka Flag
  • Family History Research in the Central Goldfields of Victoria
  • Women of the Diggings: Ballarat 1854
  • Freemasons on the Goldfields: 1853-2013
  • Ballarat Views
  • Eureka
  • Eureka’s Women
  • Reflections: Ballarat East High
  • In the Days When the World Was Wide (eBook)
  • Discovering Victoria's Central Goldfields (eBook)

Clare Gervasoni

  • Research Directory and Bibliography of Swiss and Italian Pioneers in Australasia
  • Celebrating Clunes
  • History of Hepburn
  • Castlemaine Petitions
  • Outbreak at Eureka
  • The Eureka Flag

Roy Huggins & Dorothy Wickham

  • Ballarat Rate Assessments 1856-1864 (microfiche)
  • Doggie Doings: Ballan Dog Registers (book)
  • Creswick Hospital In-Patients Registers 1863-1883 (microfiche)

Marie Kau

  • From Back Creek to Talbot
  • The Governor’s Visit to Back Creek/Talbot
  • An Historical Sketch of Deep Creek and Talbot 24 January 1862
  • Visit of Mr John King, the Explorer, to Talbot

Barbara Manly

  • Old One Hundred: Bacchus Marsh Presbyterian Church

Elaine Murphy

  • Carisbrook History Timeline

Associate Adjunct Janice Newton

  • Mullawallah: The Last King Billy of Ballarat

Dr Val Noone

  • Hidden Ireland in Victoria
  • Nicholas O'Donnell
Clare Gervasoni & Dorothy Wickham publishers of The Eureka Encyclopaedia with the Victorian Community Heritage overall award.

Research Directories

Research Directories have been transcribed and published by Dr Dorothy Wickham and Clare Gervasoni to facilitate research.

They cover a wide range of times and locations, most which are difficult to research. For example, the Ballarat Directory covers the time period from 1837 to 1855. The official registrations at Ballarat Cemetery began after 1855, in 1856, when the trustees were appointed.

Likewise, the Ballarat rates were struck in 1856 when the first council officers for Ballarat Township were appointed. This directory lists the names of people in the Ballarat district from 1837.



  • Research Directory and Bibliography of Swiss and Italian Pioneers in Australasia;
  • Eureka Research Directory 1854;
  • Ballarat Pioneers’ Directory 1837 - 1855;
  • Mount Alexander District Directory of Old Settlers and Residents 1837-1856