The Invasion of Wadawurrung Country 1800-1870 “My Country all gone, the white men have stolen it” (ebook)


Author: Fred Cahir

ISBN: 978-1-876478-47-6

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Using the invader’s own words taken from diaries, official records and letters, Fred Cahir, an Associate Professor in Aboriginal history presents a challenging history of the colonial invader’s interactions and relations with the First Nation’s people in the Ballarat and Geelong region – the Wadawurrung. This provocative book is the first detailed account of the invasion of Wadawurrung Country from 1800 to 1870 by the ngamadjidj – the white strangers from the sea.

The author (Associate Professor Dr Fred Cahir) is an award winning historian from Federation University who has researched in the archives for over twenty years to produce this book titled: “My Country All Gone, The White Men Have Stolen It”: the Invasion of Wadawurrung country 1800 to 1870. (eBook)