Australia Takes Wing 1900-1939 (eBook)


Author: Leigh Edmonds

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Australia Takes Wing is the first of a three volume history of civil aviation in Australia in the Twentieth Century. It describes the period during which civil aviation became established in Australia from the beginning of human flight to the eve of World War II in 1939. It explores the issues that lay behind the creation of Australia’s civil aviation industry including Australia’s first airlines such as Qantas, Ansett and ANA, some of the early aviators such as Charles Kingsford Smith and Bert Hinkler and the beginnings of Australia’s civil aviation administration. To do this it focusses on such issues as the promotion, safety and organization of civil aviation in Australia and the relationship between civil aviation and other forms of transport. It argues that Australian civil aviation is significant in the history of aviation and technology because of Australia’s unique geography, political and social history. It is also significant in the history of Twentieth Century Australia because of the increasingly import role that civil aviation has played in the nation’s political, social and cultural life so that it impossible to imagine Australia at the end of the century without flight.

This history is written in traditional narrative form with extensive endnotes, bibliography and index. It’s chapters are organized to focus on the highlights of the development of Australian civil aviation; beginning with the earliest flights, early attempts to establish a civil aviation industry, government assistance and regulation, the first Australian airlines, the creation of an ‘air-minded’ society, the effects of the great depression, the rapid growth and early maturity of the industry in the 1930s, the introduction of the first air services beyond Australian shores, the two crisis of 1938 that reshaped Australian civil aviation and the industry on the verge of World War II.

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