Author: Ian Clark

ISBN: ISBN 978 1 876478 03 2

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Goulburn 640


A History of the Goulburn River Aboriginal Protectorate Station at Murchison

‘Prettily situated’ at Mungallook: A History of the Goulburn River Aboriginal Protectorate Station at Murchison, Victoria, 1840 – 1853. A4 size, illustrated, index, bibliography, 133 pp.

The central station of the Goulburn River Aboriginal Protectorate District at what is now Murchison, operated from 1840 until 1853, and is a significant post-contact Aboriginal site on the Goulburn River. It was the focus of interaction between Aboriginal communities, particularly the Daungwurrung, Ngurai-illam wurrung, and Yorta Yorta peoples, government officials and settlers during the early years of contact in the Port Phillip District. The site continued to hold significance to Aboriginal people after the 1850s, linking pre- and post-contact histories and geographies.


Chapter One: Introduction

Chapter Two: Aboriginal Associations with the Central Station at Mitchellstown and Murchison

Chapter Three: The Central Station at Mitchellstown, 1839-40

Chapter Four: The Central Station at Murchison, 1840-53

Chapter Five: Life on the Protectorate Station at Murchison, 1840-53

Chapter Six: Aboriginal people and the Goulburn Protectorate, 1840-53

Chapter Seven: a history of the protectorate station since its closure in 1853

Chapter Eight: Conclusion

Appendix One: William Le Souëf’s movements, 1840-44

Appendix Two: European and Aboriginal staff of the Goulburn District of the Protectorate, 1839-53

Appendix Three: Depositions in ‘The Queen versus Yabbe, alias Billy Hamilton’

Appendix Four: A forgotten brouhaha: the 1849 controversy about the prevalence of condylomata acuminata in Aboriginal males in the Goulburn district


2.2 ‘Corroboree on the Goulburn River 1842’

2.4 Aboriginals hunting emus, Goulburn Valley Region, Victoria

2.5 An Aboriginal hunting kangaroos, Goulburn Valley Region, Victoria

2.6 Aboriginal Family around campfire and hunting for food, Goulburn Valley Region

2.7 ‘Native Fight on the Lower Goulburn River in 1842’ 3.2 ‘Black Billy Hamilton’

3.3 William Le Souëf

3.4 Mrs William Le Souëf (Ann Wales)

3.5 Albert Le Souëf

7.1 ‘Le roi Tatambo’ ‘King Tatambo’

7.2 ‘La fille du roi Tatambo’ ‘The daughter of King Tatambo’

7.3 King Charles Tattambo c. 1866

7.4 King Charles Tattambo’s grave and breastplate, Murchison Cemetery

7.5 Queen Mary wife of Capt. John, daughter of King Charles

7.6 Jenny (daughter of Queen Mary) and her daughter Lizzie, 1866