Author: Clare Gervasoni

ISBN: 978 1 876478 25 4

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Research Directory & Bibliography of Swiss and Italian Pioneers in Australasia 2002

by Clare Gervasoni ISBN 978 1 876478 25 4

This work aims to assist those researching early Italian speakers in gathering accurate information on this very interesting early migration to Australia. Many previously published accounts about Swiss and Italians Pioneers are, in part, inaccurate due to difficulty in pronunciation and name spellings. The information in this directory should be used as a starting point for research as not all information has been gained from primary sources.

Research Directory & Bibliography of Swiss and Italian Pioneers in Australasia contains three research categories. This enables those researching the same name, those who left from the same town or travelled on the same shipto correspond with others interested researchers.

You may be able to discover early photographs of your ancestor, the town of origin of your ancestor, or stories from the ship your ancestor travelled.

To be included in the Research Directory and Bibliography, or to update information, please send details to Ballarat Heritage Services.