soft cover

Author: Dorothy Wickham

ISBN: 978 1 876478 15 5

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Eureka’s Women

by Dorothy Wickham ISBN 978 1 876478 15 5

22cm x 21cm, soft cover, 43pp, full colour.

Look into the faces of Eureka’s Women. The story of Eureka through a women’s perspective. Short biographies of many of the women who played active roles during the Eureka Affair. Women were actively involved at the Monster Meetings, the making of the Eureka Flag, and tending the wounded. Clara Seekamp wrote editorials for the Ballarat Times newspaper after her husband was gaoled. Ellen Young wrote stirring poetry; Sarah Hanmer ran concerts on Bakery Hill in support of the diggers; Mrs Shand attended meetings; and Anastasia Hayes, Anastasia Withers and Anne Duke were said to have made the Flag. Author of The History of Ballarat, William Bramwell Withers, suggests that it could have been Susannah Morgan (who owned a tent and flag making business with her husband on Main Road) that may have made the Eureka Flag.