Refuge Rescue & Reform

Author: Dorothy Wickham & Frank Golding

ISBN: 978-1-876478-53-7

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Refuge Rescue & Reform


Soon to be released! Many of Ballarat’s former care institutions are places little known or spoken about. Dispersed across the city, some have been demolished and others repurposed as private residences or for commercial use. Refuge, Rescue and Reform: Voices of Suffering and Survival uncovers these institutions and traces stories of women and children in the lesser known ‘homes’ in and around Ballarat. Heart wrenching testimonies and case studies, 392 pages, over 100 illustrations (including Canadian Rescue Home & George Street Orphanage), appendices (9) (including names of women and children at Ballarat Female Refuge 1890-1921, Transcription of Doctors’ Book Ballarat Female Refuge, and Brookside Reformatory girls’ names), timeline, index. 



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