My Country All Gone: The White Men have Stolen It

Author: Fred Cahir

ISBN: 9780646801780

$55.00 inc GST

Author: Fred Cahir, A4, 347 pages, paperback, 40 illustrations


A history book about the invasion of Wadawurrung Country 1800-1870. Associate Professor Fred Cahir, from Federation University, using the invader’s own words taken from diaries, official records and letters, presents a challenging history between the interactions and relations with the First Nation’s people in the Geelong and Ballarat region – the Wadawurrung with colonial invader’s. My Country All Gone is a culmination of 30 years archival research that chronicles the three waves of invasion in the region from 1800 to1870 by the ngamadjidj – the white strangers from the sea.

Publisher: Australian History Matters. A4 format, 347pages. Paperback, 40 colour illustrations.