Author: Janice Newton

ISBN: 978 1 876478 17 9

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Mullawallah 640


Mullawallah: The Last King Billy of Ballarat

by Janice Newton ISBN 978 1 876478 17 9

24cm x 19cm, 56pp, paperback, full colour, illustrated, with index.

The story of Mullawallah brings together excellent research, images never before seen, and a sensitive and passionate approach to this early period of Ballarat’s seldom-told history, giving some idea of life and time on the goldfields of Ballarat and district through the eyes of one aboriginal man.

It is a significant contribution to the discourse on early settlement in a goldfields town as well as aboriginal history, and shows a thoughtful approach to a difficult subject. It spans the life of one aboriginal man, “Mullawallah, known as King Billy”.

This book is most important as it tells of the transition and evolution of Ballarat, and how people had understandings of different cultures in earlier times.