Ballarat Heritage Services have an extensive collection of databases. These include but are not limited to:


  • Eureka names - 1854
  • Ballan Dog Registrations 1871-1873
  • Women and Occupations Ballarat - 1865-1866
  • Members Ballarat Mechanics' Institute
  • Mayors of Ballarat and Ballarat East
  • Ballarat Rates 1856-1866
  • Victorian School Children - 1863
  • Ballarat Cemeteries - 1848-1856
  • Ballan Dog Registration (pdf download)
  • Women in Ballarat 1865-1866 (pdf download)


The information contained in "School Children in Victoria 1863" has been transcribed by Dr Dorothy Wickham from VPRS 904, Public Record Office Victoria.

All care has been taken to transcribe names and ages accurately, but owing to the handwriting in the School Inspector's Report Book of 1863, some names were difficult to discern, so it is possible that inaccuracies may have occurred. This report book is the only one that has survived and is labelled A-G. We therefore know that this is a sample ONLY of the names of children in Victoria attending school in 1863. If you find that your ancestor is not amongst this list, it does NOT necessarily indicate that he/she did not attend school.

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